We manufacture products from the following types of polyurethane foam:

Soft-elastic polyurethane foam

Soft elastic polyurethane provides good performance and high comfort rates. It is used in the manufacture of headrests, backs, seats for office chairs, seats for trains and buses and other articles with an average lifespan of about 8 years.

The main properties of the material:

  • The high elasticity of the material makes it easy to produce parts of different shapes, sizes and complexity;
  • Resistant to precipitation, chemicals and temperature changes.
  • The material is highly resistant to wear and tear;
  • It easily returns to its original form after deformity;
  • Finished products can be of different colours.

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam

Products made from viscoelastic PUR foam are very popular among our customers. We produce treads for motorcyclists, riders and skiers from this type of foam.

The following qualities are inherent for viscoelastic PUR:

  • Elasticity and firmness;
  • Viscosity – gentle, pleasant to the touch, it can withstand a lot of pressure;
  • Active air exchange;
  • The material absorbs energy very well;
  • Low resistance.

Semi-rigid integral polyurethane foam

Semi-rigid integral polyurethane foam is ideal for products with low weight – office chairs, ergonomic furniture, etc. Products from this foam do not require further lamination or coating.

The main properties of the material:

  • The material is highly resistant to wear and tear;
  • The ability to add dyes to the material that will give the material color.